Video Game Time Bank (Beta)
Please note that this is a beta version. - If you have any comments or want to report a bug, please use the link to our Facebook page below or email info at videogametimebank dot com.

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Video Game Time Bank is a free online screen time manager intended to help children to time, save and keep track of screen time allowed by their parents.

There are three ways to add time:
1. Set a fixed amount of time that then will be added automatically every day. If you want, the balance can be reset to zero before new time is added. Or children can be allowed to save time to the next day.
2. Enter time manually.
3. Use the 'exercise timer'. The parents decide what activities that will increase the saved time and these activities are timed. Some suggestions are any physical exercise or outdoor activities, doing chores, reading or doing homework. It is possible to control the speed of this timer. This way you can choose how much video game time one hour of exercise should yield.

Used time is registered either manually or by using a timer. The parents of course decide what activities that will decrease the saved time. Playing video games, watching TV and surfing the Internet are the most obvious but other activities can of course also be included.

The page also shows the time balance and an event log.